O-Rings in FPM/FKM/Viton® excellence since 1984

Leader in the Italian industry for the production of O-rings and gaskets made of high performance elastomers, BER-PA was born from the passion and professionalism of Mr. Eugenio Parzani in 1984 in Paratico (BS) in the "Rubber Valley". From the very beginning the company proved itself to be brilliant and innovative, specializing in the production of O-Rings in Viton® FKM, FPM.

Over the years the company has steadily grown and specializes in the processing of niche compounds, from fluoroelastomers (Viton® FKM, FPM) to perfluoroelastomers (HPSealing®, FFKM, FFPM) capable of meeting the highest thermal resistance and chemical resistance standards according to the specifications requested by our customers.

Today, BER-PA has a Head Office with adjacent production area, a second warehouse specifically dedicated to HPSealing® (FFKM, FFPM), a logistics warehouse and a further technology warehouse dedicated to automatic sorting and storage.

Continuously striving to maintain the highest quality standards for over 30 years, BER-PA is a continuous supplier and has established stable relationships with leading industrial realities in the following sectors: Naval, Automotive, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Hydraulics , Tire and Chemical, offering the most advanced sealing solutions technology.

High quality products developed with unique expertise in the industry and a constant R & D capability to ensure the best performance, indeed, from the concept of "High Performance Sealing" we have developed our own "HPSealing®" a proprietary BER-PA trademark registered and filed since 2007.

Production and 100% ingenuity Made in Italy for O-Rings in FPM/FKM/Viton®

An industrial archive with over 6,000 immediately available molds, high industrialization of production processes, continuous investment in automation and technological innovation all guarantee the best value for money in O-Rings in Viton® FKM, FPM and characterise BER-PA as a reliable and competent supplier of fluorinated elastomers.

The ability to adapt the production lines and careful and scrupulous planning of the industrial processes ensure high production flexibility that allows the company to offer, on the one hand, a particularly advantageous Just In Time production system and, on the other hand, to realize special and customized production amounts based on the technical specifications provided by the customer, responding readily to the most diverse personalization requests.


Over 50 million pieces in stock are kept in a high-tech warehouse capable of ensuring optimum storage conditions for O-rings in Viton® FKM, FPM, HPSealing® (FFKM, FFPM), protecting them from temperature fluctuations, light exposure, gas and corrosive agents. A unique service in the industry accessible through the dedicated web page where customers can check the availability of the real-time stock of finished products with a detailed description of the size tolerances (O-Rings: d1 and d2) and the related "Technical Data Sheet" (TDS) of the elastomer.

Total quality in the production of O-Rings in FPM/FKM/Viton®

Raw materials and quality components. Production processes and quality controls. Workplaces of quality. An environmental quality policy. Standard ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certifications. The only way to be able to offer high performance, ever-evolving, reliable, and competitive products for O-Rings in Viton® FKM, FPM, HPSealing® (FFKM, FFPM).

A total quality system that involves all value chain actors: suppliers, internal resources and technological partners.

Avantgarde Technology for O-Rings in FPM/FKM/Viton®

BER-PA processes internally and directly all stages of the O-Ring production processes in Viton® FKM, FPM, HPSealing® (FFKM, FFPM) and seals: from molding, deburring, grinding, post-vulcanizing, sorting and packaging. A sophisticated monitoring and control system ensures the highest quality in every machining phase and consistent correspondence with the standards required by the customer.

Modern injection, extrusion and compression systems capable of producing the most diverse profiles and sections. Calibration and control stations with automated measuring systems of Viton® FKM, FPM, HPSealing® (FFKM, FFPM) O-rings, which can detect the different units of length and perform dimensional controls. Robotic crushing machines capable of detecting surface deviation and divergence.

The most up-to-date technology available to customers and an entire laboratory dedicated to product verification and control and the efficiency of equipment used to supply the best O-Rings in Viton® FKM, FPM, HPSealing® (FFKM, FFPM).