O-Rings in FPM/FKM/VitonĀ® and elastomeric gaskets for the environment

The company conducts its activities and operates under an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system in the belief that environmental protection and protection represent a fundamental value of the community, in no way opposed to the company's performance and the goal of its corporate growth. BER-PA also undertakes to operate in compliance with applicable laws, applying the best available technologies and promoting the development of its activities aimed at enhancing natural resources, preserving the environment for future generations and promoting initiatives for its widespread protection.

BER-PA's commitment to the environment is expressed on four key points that the company intends to ensure, enhance and disseminate within and outside the organization:

  • adaptation and compliance with applicable environmental legislation
  • continuous improvement of the company's environmental compatibility
  • prevention of potential environmental hazards
  • promoting a new environmental sensitivity to all internal and external interlocutors
Since 2012, the company has a photovoltaic plant for the production of electricity. A double digit environmental contribution for the company's overall energy needs and concrete proof that it is possible to produce and reconcile efficiency and effectiveness of the best technologies with respect to the operating environment.