Manufacturing process | O-Rings O-Ring

Manufacturing process

Gaskets manufacturing requires great care, precision and the exploitation of selected raw materials.

Warehouse and traceability: from raw material to finished product.

The production process begins from the acquisition of the best elastomers.Scrupulous warehouse procedures allow the traceability of all the processing phases, by way of a sophisticated computerized system.

Moulding, deburring, oven and grinding.

Seal manufacturing starts within special moulding presses. By means of the injection moulding process, raw material is forced into a mould which shapes the material into the desired contour. On the other hand, by the use of the compression process, moulding is preceded by the preparation of the raw material through an extrusion system. Once extruded, the elastomer is ready to be introduced into the press where, thanks to the use of high pressures at high temperatures we realize a circular moulded product called O-ring.All gaskets eventually undergo an operation that separates them from the burr characterizing freshly moulded products.

Sorting and quality control.

Strict control procedures ensure top-quality products, meeting the needs of customers from very different sectors such as the automotive, shipbuilding, petrochemical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical and food industries.

Quality certifications ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 14001.

Quality certifications and the use of clean energy from our photovoltaic system make BER-PA gaskets quality products suitable for use worldwide.