Personalised O-Rings in FPM/FKM/Viton® and elastomeric gaskets for each end-use sector

Each sector and each field of application requires the setting up of a specific mix, formulated to ensure adequate chemical-physical and mechanical properties of O-rings and gaskets: tensile strength, resistance to pressure, to wear and tear, to swings in all types of temperature ranges, specific chemicals, corrosive agents, and gases. BER-PA is now a qualified supplier of Viton® FKM, FPM, HPSealing® (FFKM, FFPM) and sealing solutions technology that offers the widest range of customized solutions thanks to well-established collaboration relationships with the most major research laboratories and the best suppliers of raw materials.

O-Rings in FPM/FKM/Viton® and elastomeric gaskets for the automotive sector ( cars, motorbikes, goods vehicles)

High-performance compounds in terms of temperature resistance, mechanical deformations and chemical resistance to the most aggressive fluids (lubricating oils, additives and ecological fuels) fuels of vegetable origin).

BER-PA operates world-wide by providing sealing solutions technology based on precise technical specifications and specifications provided by both the major car manufacturers and the suppliers of the Automotive Supplier chain.

Among the main applications of these O-Rings and gaskets in fluoroelastomers (Viton® FKM, FPM) we find: braking systems, airbag systems, frames, suspensions, power steering systems, air suction systems, exhaust systems, gearboxes, motors and powertrain, injection systems, lighting systems, specific sealing solutions.

Fluoroelastomers (Viton® FKM, FPM) are able to meet the different application needs, guaranteeing long service life, low maintenance and high reliability of the system.

O-Rings in FPM/FKM/Viton® and elastomeric gaskets for the food & beverage sector

Mixture and materials ideal for the drinking water sector, certified by both the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) and by Italian laboratories in accordance with the guidelines of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in charge of food certification.

O-rings in Viton® FKM, FPM ideal for beverage dispensers and containers for the food industry, special productions made using only and exclusively mixes and tested materials to meet the technical requirements and durability, resistance and safety specifications of the "food & beverage" sector.

O-Rings in FPM/FKM/Viton® and elastomeric gaskets for the industrial and gas sectors

Mixes and materials ideal for contact with different types of fluids, gases and other substances internationally identified by leading control and guarantee institutions. Certified by the German watchdog body KTW and DVGW according to European standards EN 549 and EN 682, WRC for the UK, UL And NSF for the USA, ACS for France and Cerisie for Italy. Available in different classifications in relation to the type of gas, application, temperature range and hardness for O-rings in Viton® FKM, FPM.

O-Rings in FPM/FKM/Viton® and elastomeric gaskets for the Oil and Gas sector

Compounds and materials for applications in extremely hostile environments both from a chemical point of view (exposure to gas, hydrocarbons etc.) and climatic (arctic and / or desert temperatures), realized with High performance solutions approved by NORSOK (Norwegian Petroleum Industry) for the petrochemical industry.

Fluoroelastomers (Viton® FKM, FPM) and perfluoroelastomers (HPSealing®, FFKM, FFPM) capable of resisting Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) phenomena, and the prohibitive climatic conditions of extraction environments reaching extremely hard temperatures (above and / or below zero).

O-Rings in Viton® FKM, FPM, HPSealing® (FFMM, FFPM) are specifically engineered to ensure maximum plant efficiency and safety, ideal for both Oil & Gas companies and the entire production chain.